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Locksmith Marbella Professional Service

Fast Service

No matter the time you have a locksmith problem, we are ready to serve you in a few minutes.

Locksmith Marbella are Locksmiths in Marebella area.

We are a well established general locksmith company first formed Feb 2002.

We are also Uces Approved so have been full vetted, CRB checked and are fully qualified

We work in providing a rapid 24 hour emergency call out service dealing with lock outs, stolen keys, burglary repairs etc..



if you have a locksmith emergency, do not hesitate to call us and we will be able to help you with any locksmith problem you may have.

24/7 Service

We offer a service of telephone attention 24 hours every day, even on holidays.

Emergency Locksmith In Marbella:

24 Hour Emergency Service

Shop for all types of keys to cut & sell general door & window security locks

Supply & fit & upgrade locks to insurance spenc

 Domestic & Commercial Service

 Lock & cylinder repairs & replacements to UPVC doors & windows.

 Key Cutting

 Lock opening

 Door opening

 Supply & fit security doors

 Supply and fit Windows grilles,

 Security bar doors.

 Retail Showroom in Marbella


we attend locksmith service every day and at all hours. we never stop working.

Residential locksmith

If the lock of your house does not work well, we can change it on the spot.

We install locks in homes and commercial premises.


Locksmith Marbella is your trusted locksmith to change the lock of your house at reasonable prices.

Locks Change

If you need your lock to be change, we are ready to help you now.

We replace every lock and cylinder in Marbella. our prices are very low.


Locksmith marbella changes locks in homes and commercial premises. installation of locks in marbella antibumpig and security locks..

Locksmith Marbella Service

Locksmith Marbella 24/7

Locksmith Marbella is a company based in Marbella, our delay time is approximately 15 minutes (depending on the traffic in the area).

We specialize in the locks, safes and emergency service although we also serve services by appointment.

We work every day of the year, even on holidays.

No matter the day or time, Locksmith Marbella will be there to help you with your locksmith problem.

Do not hesitate and call right now to Locksmith Marbella to request a service of the highest quality.

Our personal attention and careful quality make us the best choice for Locksmiths in Marbella.

Do you want to hire the best possible locksmith service in marbella? Well it’s very simple, HERE is Locksmith Marbella on the other side of the phone.

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Locksmith marbella will come to your home to open the door in case you have left your house keys inside the lock.

We have vehicles equipped with tools and merchandise to give an immediate service without unnecessary waiting.

Have you forgotten the keys of your lock inside your house?

This we can overcome in a very short time because we have all the tools and knowledge to do it without damaging the lock.

If it is not possible to open it by manipulation and the only possibility is to drill the lock, we will change it in the moment for the door to return to be fine.

Locksmith Marbella Open Service

Locksmith Marbella open door and locks and safes of all levels of security, from the simplest doors to the doors with better security systems.

Have you lost the keys to your business in Marbella?

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Locksmith marbella opens the door of your house or your safe at any time.

If necessary, we can also change locks at the moment.

If you are looking for a professional locksmith in Marbella for locks and safes, we are your best option.

We have a great experience in everything related to opening doors of any level of security and this we do in most cases without causing any damage to the door or the lock.

There are other locksmiths who are not professionals like us and yes, they may charge a lower price, but our work is of the highest quality.

Locksmith Marbella Safes Services

If you are looking for an expert locksmith in the opening of safes, we can help you immediately.

You do not have to wait days before a technician arrives at your house.

We have the appropriate knowledge to perform a safe opening service without undue damage.

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locksmith marbella is a specialist in the opening of high security safes.

We work any brand of safe, regardless of the degree of security you have. Naturally we work both electronic safes and mechanical safes.

If you need to buy a high security safe, we can also help you with this.

As expert locksmiths in high security, our recommendation is to replace the old locks with locks with security systems that do not allow the manipulation of the interior mechanisms of openings in order to be well protected against what is the manipulation of the lock.

We also install locks that have a copy of the restricted key.

This means that you can only make copies of the keys mediate the presentation of a personalized card, thereby ensuring that no one will duplicate our keys without our consent.

This type of locks is considerably more expensive than normal security locks. The cost of copying the key is also significantly higher, but we will be much more protected against unwanted entries.

We offer professional locksmith services in every town and neighborhood.

We take a focus from taking the burden on home security and we do our mission to keep all Marbella residents safe.

Our residential and commercial established locksmith company has had many years of experience.

Secure Opening Marbella Trained professionals can perform the safe opening of Marbella in many different types of safes, including: isolated files and media safes, fire safes,keyed safes, safes,cash management safes, security money boxes, combination locking safes, economy style safes, larger jewel case safes, round lift safes, and gun safes.

Whether you need a safe unlocking, Marbella safe cracking, safe opening, safe repair service for your home or business, we service and  sell a wide array of safe brands including: A&B, Mosler,, Rosengrens Knox, Fichet-Bauche, Kaso, Chatwood-Milner, Sentry, Amsec, Mutual, , Lacka, Chubb, SLS, Anglia, Original, Gary,Gardall, Cox, Soltam Bischoff, , , Diebold and more

Locksmith Marbella 24 hours Service

Locksmiths Marbella is the smart solution for all locksmith problems in marbella.

We have more than 30 years solving all the possible difficulties in relation to the security of houses, commercial premises and businesses.

Have you lost your car keys?

Don’t worry, your Locksmith Marbella will help you and you will be able to get back on your way quickly.

More Info

Locksmith Marbella has a great experience in the world of locksmithing. do not hesitate and call now.

Our trajectory is unbeatable in terms of maintenance and safety with the most advanced techniques in the prevention of thefts.

We have a large number of locks that guarantee maximum security.

We work to give the best possible service at a reasonable price and with the complete guarantee of satisfaction.

We do not stop working until the customer is completely satisfied.

We also offer advice of locks and safes completely free of charge and without any commitment on the part of the client.

We always offer the customer with different possibilities of security and price to be able to choose clearly that is the best according to the possibilities.

For Locksmiths Marbella there is a very small or very large job, our goal is to get a customer forever.

We have the most modern tools to make door openings without causing a damper on the lock or the door.

Always committed to Locksmiths Marbella is your choice to help you.

Your Locksmith Marbella near you

When you are looking for a locksmith Marbella nearby, we are your best choice.

Don’t hesitate and call us right now to our 24 hour service phone number: (34) (658 100 100 ) We speak your language.

We can open the door of your home without harm.

If you have left your car keys inside, we will open it for you immediately. We have a large trajectory in the opening of all types of cars.

Do you want to improve the security of your home?

Your Locksmith Marbella can install maximum security locks for you today.

We have a wide variety of locks for all types of doors. Locksmith Marbella can give you a free no obligation quote. Need a locksmith Marbella on a holiday?

Don’t worry we work every day of the year. Call Now.


Locksmith Marbella specialist in safes. If you have any problem with your safe, don’t hesitate and call now. 


locksmith marbella attends emergencies every day of the year. Even on holidays. we arrive in 20 minutes


locksmith marbella installs high security locks with controlled key duplication. Reasonable prices.

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